Real Estate Home Staging Pricing Packages

This service is comprised of a thorough walk through of the property from exterior to interior and will give a bullet point list as to what the seller needs to do to prepare the home for sale. This small investment will give a fresh eye to the seller as to what may turn potential buyers off and many times, they are small projects that will make a large impact.



Home Staging Checklist – “Do-It-Yourself” Package: $400*

We provide you with a checklist of home staging suggestions, and you do the work.

  • Initial walk-thru of your home

  • Checklist of staging suggestions for you to make in each room

  • You move the furniture and accessories, and DE-clutter each room per our suggestions

  • Final walk-thru where if needed will help make final adjustments and recommendations



Home Staging 3 Rooms – “Strategic Showcase” Package: $900*

We stage 3 key rooms to “showcase”, to make the biggest impact on potential buyers.

  • Initial walk-thru of your home

  • We arrange your furniture, accessories, and artwork for you in the 3 key rooms 

  • If you need additional rental furniture or accessories, see our Add-On Option below



Home Staging 5 Days – “Make a Statement” Package: $2,400*

We stage as much of your home as we can (in 40 hours) to “make a statement”. This is ideal for luxury homes larger than 5,000 square feet or homes that need significant de-cluttering.

  • Initial walk-thru of your home

  • De-clutter and design optimal spaces that emphasize the home’s selling features

  • Furniture placement plans

  • We arrange your furniture, accessories, and artwork for you


The Vacant Home

Home Staging 5 Days – “Make a house a home” Package: $1500.00*

We stage your Vacant Home as much as we can (in 40 hours) to “make a house a home”.

  • Initial walk-thru of your home

  • Home Furniture and accessory planing

  • Home furniture and accessory rental sourcing form our exclusive home staging warehouse.

  • ordering, scheduling, selection of rental home furniture and accessories

  • Once your rental furniture and home accessories are delivered we unpack arrange the furniture, accessories and art work for you

  • De-staging of the home packing of rental accessories.

*Additional Costs (not included in packages)

  • Packing Materials (boxes, tape, bubble wrap, etc.)

  • Additional contractors (painters, cleaners, movers, landscapers, etc.)

  • Storage units for excess belongings (if there is not enough space on your property)

  • Rental furniture and accessories fees, and delivery/pickup fees


Add-On Options

  • Packing Assistance – $60/hour: Help you pack non-essential items to declutter and prepare for your move.

  • Declutter & Organize – $60/hour: Help declutter and organize your spaces like closets, pantries, or garages to prepare your home for staging and your move. 3-hour minimum per session.

  • (Vacant Homes only) Rental Furniture and Accessories – $300 + Monthly Furniture/Accessories Fees: When additional furniture and accessories are needed to optimize the staging of your home, we work with a home staging rental company to find furniture, accessories, and artwork for your home. This includes ordering, scheduling, selection and arrangement of furniture and accessories, and the unpacking and packing of accessories.