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Real Estate Staging

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As a Thank you for your referral we offer Agents a free 60 minute consultation with your potential seller.

You know that a potential buyer has to see the homes best features e shown what CAN be done with a space, as many people have trouble visualizing their things in a home that's either cluttered or vacant.

In order for the home to move from ACTIVE to SOLD on the MLS, buyers have to be motivated and compelled to buy.  A home has to capture a potentials buyer's attention, make them feel good and inspire their imagination in order to gain the quickest sale possible, at the highest price and with the lowest carrying costs.  

But despite your suggestions to de-clutter, paint and fix, most Sellers either don't have the knowledge or the time to make their home show ready.  As you well know... details count!

That's where we come in.  At Refreshing Spaces! Professional Home Staging service, we create that "I want to live here" feeling for buyers which can translate into multiple offers, a quicker sale, a sales price above the listing price and reduced carrying costs for your Seller.  Again... did we say Superstar?  Well let us add that the Superstar action we mentioned can help to create the kind of repeat and referral business you're looking for.  After all, what would you rather have... a listing on the market for 6 months or a bidding war within days of uploading your listing?

Other benefits that Refreshing Spaces! professional home staging service can bring are:

  • We can bring up sensitive topics with your clients so you don't have to (ie. odors)

  • We give you the confidence of knowing that your listing is show ready and an open house will show beautifully because we organize and stage it for your client

  • Where spouses disagree, we can be the objective 3rd party so you don't have to appear to be choosing sides

  • You can use staging as a part of your listing presentation by showing them before and after pictures of your listings that sold fast and let them know that you're partnered with a professional home staging company.

Bust most importantly,

  •  We free up your time to focus on getting more listings by helping you sell faster

Call us now to find out how Refreshing Spaces! can add value to you and your clients!  And don't miss some of our home staging before and after pictures on our portfolio page