What is Home Staging?

Home Staging is the art of merchandising homes for sale. It’s been proven that Buyers purchase on emotion. Refreshing Spaces thoroughly studies and understands each neighborhood and property’s demographics prior to designing the final project. Therefore, we are able to gear the overall look, feel and vibe of your property through carefully chosen furniture, artwork, accessories and color schemes to suit your homes unique demographic.

The staging process is a detailed one, and all comes down to appealing to the specific buyers in the particular neighborhood in which your home is located. It’s important to remember that although you may question what your expert home stager is suggesting, the changes being made are done to attract buyers, rather than appeal to your specific tastes. Your

Your not just selling a home your selling a lifestyle

Whether you are a real estate agent or a homeowner preparing to sell, Refreshing Spaces is ready to work with you.

We are here to make your home-selling experience nice and easy. We help transform and enhance a home’s selling features.

Call us today at (587)-338-0887 and start preparing your greatest asset to sell for optimal profit.

We can help you to present your home to a potential buyer. A home that is not staged for today’s market may require a price reduction to sell. Meanwhile staging costs is just a fraction compared to an amount which one’s first price reduction would be. 

Homes that are professionally staged look “move in ready”, which buyers love and will pay more for.

Staging a house for sale can be a time-consuming process. According to some experts, it may cost you anywhere from $200 – $2,000, depending on how much work is needed. But is it really worth the time and expense? Does it really make a difference? Here are 13 reasons why you should stage your house before you put it on the market.

1. Increase the Likelihood of a Sale

Professional home staging helps present your home in the best possible light.

2. Gives the Impression of a Well-Maintained Home

When buyers are walking through your home for the first time, they are making observations on various levels. If you stage your house effectively with basic repairs, painting and decorating , it will give buyers the impression of a well-maintained home.

3. You Get a Head Start on Packing and editing your home

Part of home staging is to depersonalize your home packing away personal belongings so buyers can imagine themselves living in the house. You have to pack up all of your belongings eventually, before you move. So why not start now? It is also a perfect time to organize and edit items in your home that you plan to sell, donate or trash or bring into your new home.

4. Helps Justify the Asking Price

Home buyers today are savvy about property values. We all know that home prices have dropped in the wake of our economic down turn. So you can be sure that potential buyers will scrutinize your asking price like never before. If you stage your house before you try to sell it, you’ll have an easier time justifying the price.

Granted, you still need to determine the fair market value for your home. Home buyers and their real estate agents will use recent sales data to justify your asking price. But they’ll also be influenced by their emotions. If they walk through the house and see a number of things that need to be repaired or replaced, they may balk at your asking price — even if the data is in your favor. If the house appears move-in ready, they will be more likely to accept the price you have set.

5. Staging draws the potential buyers to the homes Feature points

The art of home staging draws is to draw the potential home buyer eye the feature points of a home. Removing distractions of clutter, depersonalizing and editing and arranging furniture in a way that all you see is the feature points. When you’re done staging, you may be surprised at how large your house seems all of a sudden. This is a common reaction among homeowners. And it’s a positive reaction among potential buyers. You never want buyers to feel like the home is cramped or crowded.

6. Every Room Has a Purpose

We market search the potential buyers in your neighborhood and stage the spaces in your home to draw the target buyer rather its young families that require baby and children rooms; children free professionals that require a home office, exercise rooms; or newly retires that require craft rooms.

7. Helps Buyers See Themselves In the House

As a seller, your job is to help people see themselves living in your home. You do this by “de-personalizing” the house, and decorating in a neutral way that appeals to the masses. You want buyers to see the house as a good fit for their lifestyle. You don’t want them to see your family living in it. If they see pictures of you everywhere, they’ll have a harder time making a personal connection to the home.

The same goes for taste-specific decorating choices. Unusual paint colors and exotic knickknacks are fine when you are living in the home. But when you’re trying to sell it, you need to neutralize the decor. When you stage your house, you’re essentially removing yourself so that others may insert themselves. This in turn supports item number #1 on this list — it increases the likelihood of a sale.

8. It Puts Your House above the Competition

In most parts of the Canada, there’s an imbalance between housing supply and demand. There are too many homes on the market and not enough buyers to go around. This creates a classic buyer’s market, and it makes it a lot harder to sell a house. This is another reason why you should stage your house before you try to sell it.

As a seller, you have a lot of competition. You can bet that would-be home buyers have seen other houses before visiting yours, and that they’ll see more when they leave. What makes your house stand out from the rest?

When you get down to it, there are only two ways to distinguish your home. You can price it below the competition or make it seem like a nicer home. If you do neither of these things, your house will probably be on the market for a long time. Staging can make all the difference in the world, even if your home is priced the same as comparable properties that are for sale. You are giving the appearance of a better value. This is the key to selling anything.

9. Buyers Will Have a Favorable First Impression

You’ve heard the phrase “curb appeal” before. This is the positive first impression people get when they pull up to your home. But you can’t achieve curb appeal unless you stage the house effectively. Staging doesn’t just occur on the inside. It happens on the outside as well — or at least it should.

You want buyers to be impressed with the property before they even step foot inside. This is a critical moment that will determine their attitude for the rest of the visit. It’s hard to overcome a bad first impression, even if the inside of the house is in prime condition. If you stage the house well, you’ll improve the exterior as well as the interior. This puts buyers in a positive frame of mind before they even walk through the front door.

10. Staging Reduces Out-of-Pocket Costs for Cash-Strapped Buyers

Most home buyers are nearly broke by the time they complete the home buying process. They have to come up with a down payment and closing costs. The last thing they want to do is buy a house with a long list of repair costs.

This is one of the things buyers will do when they walk through your home. They’ll be looking what needs to be repaired or replaced, adding it up with their mental calculators. This is another reason to stage your house before you try to sell it.

11. Get the Buyer’s Agent proud to show your home

Real estate agents walk through homes on a daily bases. This is especially true for the buyer agents, who might have to show dozens of homes to find the perfect home for their clients. Many of the homes the agents visit are not staged to sell they have over sized furniture, and spaces full of clutter and personal items that take away from the homes selling features. So when an agent walks into a house that has been professional staged , they are pretty excited that your home is staged to sell.

12. Create a must see among the real estate circle

We just talked about real estate agents getting excited over a well staged home. But the benefits of this go beyond the agent’s buyers. Other agents will hear about your house, as well. Word gets around quickly in real estate circles. The buyer’s agent will want to bring his or her other clients to your house as well. They’ll probably mention it to other agents working in their firm.This will increase the number of buyers who come out to see your home.

In order to enjoy this level of “buzz,” you need to stage your house before you try to sell it. Giving buyers a good first impression is your primary goal. Giving agents a good impression also serves your cause.

13. Proud to show it

Refreshing your home by home staging tackles all of the things we put off — decluttering, painting, landscaping, upgrading light fixtures. You will be proud to show your home and be reminded of your homes amazing features.