Home Organization Pricing Packages

We help you DE-clutter the spaces in your home first, then help you organize your spaces (rooms, closets, garages, basements, etc.) depending on your needs. In our home organization sessions we:

  • We help you short out what brings value to you and your home

  • We help you edit items from your home that no longer bring value to you and your home by shorting theses items by category sell, donate, recycle or trash.

  • Identify ways to improve your home’s organization by discussing different ideas and strategies

  • Maximize space by arranging items by function and frequency of use

  • De-stress your space by eliminating excess items that are no longer needed or wanted

  • Recommend new organization systems or supplies, if needed (shelving, baskets, organizers, etc.)Hands-On Organizing

Exclusively included in our Home Organization Pricing Packages

  • Free Telephone Consultation (30 minutes)

  • Travel and gas expenses

  • Delivery of donation items ( 2 boxes per session)

  • Free List of resources in Edmonton, Alberta to sell, donate or trash items that no longer bring value to you and your home.


The number of sessions needed to de-clutter and organize your home is difficult to estimate, so we offer different pricing packages.

Select your Perfect Package



“Get You Started”
1 Session: $240*

We help you DE-clutter and organize your home for one 4-hour session in one day.



“Make Great Progress”
3 Sessions: $800*

We help you DE-clutter and organize your home for three 5-hour sessions on different days. Discount applied: $100 off 3rd session.



“Dive Deep”
5 Sessions: $1,300*

We help you De-clutter and organize your home for five 5-hour sessions on different days. Discount applied: $200 off 5th session.


If you want longer sessions, additional hours can be added to the packages above at $60 per hour, to a maximum of 8 hours per day.

*Additional Costs (not included in packages)

  • New organization systems or supplies (shelving, storage containers, closet organizers, etc.)

  • Any contractor work that is necessary (painters, cleaners, organization system installers, etc.)

Add-On Options

  • Shopping Assistance – $60/hour + Cost of Purchased Items: We help you find new organization systems or supplies that will help you stay organized. We will help you determine the size, quantity, types of containers or organization systems needed for your space.