Home Styling and Redesign Services

Refreshing Spaces Home Styling and Redesign services includes the arrangement of your existing furnishings, art and accessories, adding items as needed, to create an inviting, comfortable environment that can dramatically enhance your home in just a few hours. If needed we provide the perfect adds for on Color Consultation, Home furnishing, home accessories, plants, and organization accessories, Home Organizing and E - Design.

Real Estate Home Staging

This service is comprised of a thorough walk through of the property from exterior to interior and will give a bullet point list as to what the seller needs to do to prepare the home for sale. This small investment will give a fresh eye to the seller as to what may turn potential buyers off and many times, they are small projects that will make a large impact.

Home Organizing

Refreshing Spaces provides services in organizing every space in the home, from bedrooms and kitchens, to closets and pantries. Every project receives meticulous attention to detail, carefully considered systems, and our signature stylized aesthetic.

Color Consultation

 Color is the easiest and most inexpensive way to create the mood you want and add personality and punch to any room. But it is often the most difficult choice you face when decorating your home or office. Working collaboratively with you, Refreshing Spaces will help you find the right colors for the rooms you have and the look you want. And, we'll show you how to coordinate accents throughout your room, and throughout your home, to bring it all together and make it flow.

 Home Furniture and accessory shopping

we can assist you in finding the perfect pieces for your space. Home furnishing , home accessories, plants, and organization accessories.


The process of downsizing can be very overwhelming and the emotional and mental strain can be paralyzing. Refreshing Spaces is here to help you edit and organize your belongings to fit in with your new home.


We go through many transitions in life having a baby, suddenly becoming single again or finding our self combining two house together. Refreshing Spaces is here to help with your entire living space overhaul.

E-Design Plans

 E-Design is a simple, virtual design tool offered to give clients the opportunity to create a custom room.Refreshing Spaces works with our clients one on one via E-mail to provide a step by step plan for our clients in creating a professional styled space that perfectly meets you individual style, space, and budget.